Frequently Asked Questions

What is Timor-Leste Results Portal?

Timor-Leste Results Portal is an electronic system operated via Internet which allows publishing information about government priorities, goals and results.

Timor-Leste Results Portal is focused on providing more transparency in government objectives and results.

Who uses Timor-Leste Results Portal?

Timor-LesteResults Portal is mainly used by citizens, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, press and international organizations.

What information is published by Timor-Leste Results Portal?

Timor-Leste Results Portal presents projects, goals, phases, objectives and outputs per period. It also links goals with budget information per fiscal year.

Information can be easily searched and results include charts and export options.

What are the benefits with Timor-Leste Results Portal?

Timor-Leste Results Portal enables government agencies to set the targets for each goal, to track progress and make adjustments to the programmed targets. It also has the ability to control performance goals in order to determine the progress for specific fiscal year and fiscal periods.

Timor-Leste Results Portal allows to the public to obtain information about goals progress, descriptive information of government programs and projects, and budgetary information. This information can be converted into measurable results in order to quantify public financial resources.

Timor-Leste Results Portal allows answering the following questions:

  • What are the government’s priorities?
  • Which programs and projects exist within government?
  • Who are the project beneficiaries?
  • What goals have been scheduled by government agencies?
  • Have government agencies met the goals?

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