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05 How to execute text and advanced searches

Main objective: To execute a basic text search and review the result list.


1.     Go to the Results Portal home page.


2.     Locate the text search box.


Figure 1 – Target Search


3.     Type in keywords of the targets you are searching for and press the Search button. You can use wildcards (such as ?, *) in the search text.


4.     If results are found a list of the targets will be presented. Words matched from the search criteria will be highlighted.


5.     You can sort the results and export the results to an Excel sheet, Word document, pdf or xml file by pressing the required button.


Figure 2 – Search result sort and export buttons



6.     Once the required Target is displayed, click on the link to open the Target Information page (see How to Review Target Information)




1.     How to execute an Advanced Search


Main objective: To execute an advanced search using different search criteria to narrow down the result list.


1.     Locate the text search box and click on the Advanced Search link.


2.     The Advanced Search page will be displayed.


3.     Select a Goal Plan from the drop down list.


Figure 3 – Goal Plan drop down list box



4.     When searching by Target ID, select the Search b y Target ID radio button and type in the Target ID to search for. If the Target is found you will be redirected to the Target Information screen.

Figure 4 – Search by Target ID


5.     If the Target ID is not found, the results list at the bottom of the page will be empty.


6.     For more advanced search filters, press the Advanced Search radio button.


7.     Each segment will present a drop down list of its elements.  Select the appropriate element to narrow down the search. You can select All from the drop down list to search within all of the elements of the segment.


Figure 5 – Advanced Search criteria


8.     Select the appropriate progress status.


9.     Narrow down the search results indicating a From and To value for the Progress and Deadline. Values must range between 0 – 100 for Progress.


10.  Use the Search by Text box to add keywords to look for in the title or description of the targets.


Figure 6 – Progress, Deadline and Search by Text criteria


11.  The Target list at the bottom of the page will show the matching results.

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