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04 How to review Target Information

Main objective: Navigate and review information related to a specific Target.


1.     Go to the Results Portal home page.


2.     Select the Goal, Segment and Element desired to filter the list of targets (see the How to select a Goal, How to select a Goal Plan and How to navigate through a Goal Plan).


3.     To access the detailed information of a Target, click on the desired target form the list of targets.


Figure 1 – List of Targets



The list of targets can be sorted on screen and also exported to different file formats using the buttons that appear on the toolbar at the top of the list.


4.     By clicking the arrow next to the Details label, the details will be hidden from view. Details include information such as a short description of the targets, related elements and child elements from each segment (according to the elements hierarchy).


A link to activate a subscription to receive updates regarding the target is located above the details label on the right side.


Figure 2 –Information page and Details section



5.     The Progress section displays information and charts related to the physical and financial progress of a target, progress values and percentage for base line, actual and target values, values and percentage related to the obligations, commitments, actual and budget. Also displayed are images and documents that can be viewed using the image control section or downloaded from the Results Portal.


Figure 3 – Progress Section



6.     Information about the Phases defined for the target is located at the bottom of the Information page. Images and attached documents are also available for each phase.



Figure 4 – Phases Section

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