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01 How to use Portal Homepage

Main objective: Identify main sections into the Results Portal home page.   


1.     Go to the Results Portal home page.

Figure 1 – Results Portal home page


2.     The main sections are listed below:

a)     Home page header

b)    Target Text Search section

c)     Goal Plan Segments section

d)    Results by Segment and Results by Goal Sections

e)     Home page footer section


3.     Thehome page header is located at the top of the home page. It includes the Results Portal title.


Figure 2 – Home page header


4.     The Login link is located to the right of the title; it is used to access site management options.


5.     Under the login link a list of basic features can be found: Help, Contact Us (see How to use the Contact Us feature), Site Map, See Statistics, Subscribe to e-bulletin (see How to subscribe to e-bulletins).


The Help link redirects you to the on line help for the Results Portal. The Site Map link displays the site map page with links to each feature. The See Statistics link redirects you to the site statistics charts page.


6.     Language Optionsare also under the Loginlink. They modify the Results Portal display language.


7.     Target Text Search sectionis located on the left side of the home page. See How to execute text and advanced searches for more information.


Figure 3 – Target Text Search section



8.     A Breadcrumb navigation link is located above the Target Text Search. Use the links there to navigate back.


9.     Goal Plan Segments sectionis located below the home page header, by default the current fiscal year active Goal Plan is loaded and the corresponding segments and targets are displayed. See How to Select a Goal Plan and How to Navigate through a Goal Plan.


Figure 4 – Goal Plan Segments section


10.  The List of Targets section is located below the Goal Plan Segments section. The list is loaded automatically with all active targets.


Figure 5 – List of Targets



11.  Home page footer sectionis located at the bottom of the home page. It contains a list of basic features: News, About, Terms of use, Legislation and other general information links.


Figure 6 – Home page footer section



12.  Clicking on News link will load a page with the list of all news articles related to the Results Portal.



Figure 7 – News articles page

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