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03 How to navigate through a Goal Plan


Main objective: Navigate through the main components of the Goal Plan: Segments, Elements and Targets.



1.     Go to the Results Portal home page.


2.     Select the desired Goal Plan or use the systems default (see the How to select a Goal Plan).


Segments of the selected Goal Plan appear at the top of the home page.


Figure 1 – Goal Plan Segments



3.     Select one of the available segments by clicking on the picture or label. A Segment is a fundamental component of the Goal Plan, used to separate key concepts such as Fund, Institution, Location and other concepts.


Figure 2 – Segment picture and label link


4.     After selecting the Segment, the List of Elements for that segment will appear on the homepage below the Target search section.

An Element is part of a structured hierarchy of items that belong to each segment. Elements will vary depending on the selected segment, and can have one or more child elements. Next to each element on the list, the total number of targets contained within its child elements will be presented in parenthesis.


5.     The list of targets will be refreshed depending on the Segment and Element selected. A Target encloses important information about what is to be achieved as part of the Goal Plan. Such information includes a description, unit of measure, segments related, phases, etc.


Figure 3 – List of Targets

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