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02 How to select a Goal Plan

Main objective: Select the Goal Plan to be used and switch to other Goal Plans.    


1.     Go to the Results Portal home page.


2.     After the home page has loaded go to the Goal Plan drop down list on the right side of the home page, the drop down list box will show all active Goal Plans.


Figure 1 - Goal Plan drop down list


The default Goal Plan for the current Fiscal Year will be selected automatically.


3.     Select the Goal plan to be reviewed. The homepage Goal Plan Segments will be refreshed with those of the selected Goal Plan. The Goal Plans can be structured differently for each Fiscal Year.


Segmentsare used to separate key concepts of the Goal Plan such as Fund, Institution, Location or similar.


4.     To switch to a different Goal Plan select it from the Goal Plan drop down list, the home page will be refreshed accordingly.

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