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Target Information

Goal: Tasi Mane petroleum project
Objective: First Phase - Tasi Mane

Target: G020101 - Spacial planning South Coast


Deadline: 31-12-2012

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 100.00 Percentage



Spacial planning South Coast of Timor-Leste (Suai, Manufahi e Viqueque)

Public to private sector: Public to private sector

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Sec Est Recursos Minerais , Sec State Natural Resources

Location: Covalima , Suai , Suailoro

Sector: Economic Development , Petroleum

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

The Government of Timor-Leste is presently focusing on the strategic economic development of the Southem Coast area which is endowed with a wide variety of resources to spearhead the development of the Timor-Leste to create employment, improve living condition of its population, generate various industries and to stimulate the economy as well as attracting investment. Therefore, physical infrastructure development programs will need to be implemented which require proper allocation of land to accommodate development needs in various social, economic and cultural activities. The aim is to develop facilities as part of Southem Coast lnfrastructure Development to support economic activities in the area. 

The scope of work will be comprises but not limited to the following:
1. Comprehensive technical scopes of works
(a) Preparation of Master plan provisions, inclusive of demarcation and quantum of the specified type of land usage and their intensity of permissible floor space indices, density etc relative to site and location assessment;
(b) To carry out necessary studies to ensure the master plan can be integrated based on existing or new findings by the consultants in their analysis of data collated; 
(c) To look into the urban context of the site in terms of access, distances, urban zoning and urban development/redevelopment directions; 
(d) Infrastructure and major infrastructure proposals; 
(e) Transportation and road connectivity to the entire network of the nation; 
(f) Classification of all roads including street fumiture, lighting etc; 
(g) Surrounding development and its
environmental impact; 
(h) Provisions of green belts, buffer zone in order to control sprawl of undesired projects;
(i) Greenery, landscaping, walkways etc; 
(j) existing provision, adequacy and self-sufficiency of utilities; 
(k) Provision of power supply on District scale and grid’s; 
(l) Telecommunication, telephone exchanges, broadcasting and satellite stations; 
(m) Allocation and demarcation of specific usage of land for the purpose of water supply and treatment plant, bodies of water and creation of reservoirs; 
(n) Drainage pattem and flood control safeguarding actions; 
(o) Sewerage and waste treatment plans etc, etc; 
(p) Recommendation as to any specific instruction as the direction of development strategy ; 
(q) The sittin and allocation of spaces for mega projects already identified by the Govemment — seaport, airport, regional centers, bus terminal, etc. 
(r) Site analysis for each district of City. 
(s) The conceptual master plan should depict zoning, land use paten, road networks for vehicular, parking and other related components as well buffer zones. 
(t) Distribution of village settlements green belts, allocation of open spaces, civic and business areas. 
(u) Identification of social services facilities which include educational and health facilities, religious, municipals, community centers, sports and recreational centers. 
(v) Identification of conservation areas, compatible land usages for agriculture, animal husbandry
2. Town planning and development control criterion
(a) To recommend adoption of planning bye-laws and guidelines for development control; 
(b) recommendation of the formation, of a Development Control Committee (DCC) to regulate, assessment of projects from public or private sector and to consider or grant development and planning approvals with mandatory conditions; 
(c) To look into the drafting of rules and regulation to chart the growth areas ofthe Southem Belt — regulatory and statutory to ensure sustainable pattem of growth; 
(d) Assist in the setting up of Town Planning and Re-planning Teams as may be directed.
3. Consideration of urgent implementation of projects — public or privatesectors
(a) Preparation of simulated design plans of priority projects as require by Government to set aside adequate land for building affordable housing needs; 
(b) Regional planning concept specifying their compatible uses through appropriate zoning of land uses in the Southern Belt; 
(c) To provide illustrative land use and layout plan of those selected action area/option as recommended for implementation and to set forth phasing program; 
(d) A package of incentives and guiding principles to be drawn so as to ensure physical development can take place whilst the preparation of the Master Planning is underway. 
(e) Specific architectural and engineering inputs where appropriate in relation to all such recommendations of development projects in the interim; 
(f) Recommend core urban areas for urgent development, their impact and cost analysis to enable Government in their annual budgetary allocation.



1) Suai Town Land Use Plan - 1 (.png) (46 KB)
2) Manufahi Town Land Use Plan - 2 (.png) (47 KB)
3) Viqueque Town Land Use Plan - 3 (.png) (54 KB)
4) New Beaco Residentials - 4 (.png) (75 KB)
5) New Beaco Residentials - 5 (.png) (43 KB)
6) New Betano Residentials - 6 (.png) (73 KB)
7) New Betano Residentials - 7 (.png) (32 KB)
8) New Sua iResidentials - 8 (.png) (82 KB)
9) New Sua iResidentials - 9 (.png) (36 KB)
10) New Sua iResidentials - 10 (.png) (40 KB)
11) New Viqueque Residentials - 11 (.png) (67 KB)
12) New Viqueque Residentials - 12 (.png) (33 KB)
13) New Viqueque Residentials - 13 (.png) (35 KB)
14) New Viqueque Residentials - 14 (.png) (55 KB)
15) Workshops - 15 (.png) (32 KB)
16) Workshops - 16 (.png) (46 KB)
17) Workshops - 17 (.png) (56 KB)
18) Field survey of soil - 18 (.png) (51 KB)
19) Field survey of soil - 19 (.png) (43 KB)
20) Field survey of soil - 20 (.png) (71 KB)
21) Field survey of soil - 21 (.png) (51 KB)
22) Field survey of soil - 22 (.png) (78 KB)
23) Field survey of soil - 23 (.png) (67 KB)
24) Field survey of soil - 24 (.png) (70 KB)

Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 100 100%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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