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Target Information

Goal: Thriving agricultural sector
Objective: Irrigation scheme

Target: G010101 - Bebui Irrigation Scheme


Deadline: 31-01-2012

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 100.00 Percentage



Continuation of construction of Bebui Irrigation Scheme

Public to private sector: Public to private sector

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Min Agricultura,Florestas,Pesc , Sec Est Agricultura Arboricult

Location: Viqueque , Uato Lari , Afaloicai ( Uatu Lari )

Sector: Economic Development , Agriculture

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

The main project objectives are to increase rice production, to improve the living conditions and to create employment opportunities in the rural area.

The Project focuses on the Rehabilitation of the Bebui Irrigation Scheme located in the suco of Afaloicai,  Sub-district of Uatolari, and Viqueque District.
The implementation of this irrigation project has already started in 2008 by an international company named United General Construction as a multiyear budget project, because it is one of the biggest rice field areas in the South east of the country in Uatolari Sub District and Viqueque District. The project uses water from the Bebui River in Uatolari Sub District which is permanent main source of water. The project is supposed to be compIeted this year, so is needed the allocation of the remaining budget to be paid after the completion.
After completing the facilities, they will be maintained and operated by the Water Use Association (WUA). The farmer organizes the WUA with the support of the Government. 



1) Protection iron framework Bebui (.png) (83 KB)
2) Digging Dam Foundation, Bebui (.png) (88 KB)
3) Begining of rehabilitation, Bebui (.png) (80 KB)
4) Begining of Rehabilitation Bebui (.png) (82 KB)
5) Intake Gate, construction phase (.png) (61 KB)
6) Concrete Works at Intake (.png) (71 KB)
7) Material transfer from Dam Foundation (.png) (91 KB)
8) Dam or Reservoir Bebui (.png) (56 KB)
9) Bebui, warehouse and meetings building WUA (.png) (56 KB)
10) Bebui, gate keeper house (.png) (79 KB)
11) Bebui, water release (.png) (65 KB)
12) Water release ceremony, 06-10-2010 (.png) (53 KB)
13) Dam construction Bebui (.png) (93 KB)
14) Const. concrete canal (.png) (88 KB)
15) HE Prime Minister at Opening Ceremony, 06-10-2010 (.png) (60 KB)

Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 100 100%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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