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Target Information

Goal: Tasi Mane petroleum project
Objective: Suai airport rehabilitation

Target: G020301 - Suai Airport Rehabilitation


Deadline: 31-12-2013

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 16.00 Percentage



Design, construction and supervision for the development of Southern Coast Infrastructures (Suai Airport Rehabilitation)

Public to private sector: Public to private sector

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Sec Est Recursos Minerais , Sec State Natural Resources

Location: Covalima , Suai , Suailoro

Sector: Infrastructure Development , Airports

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

The main project objectives are to provide access to the population and mineral resources centers for business aircraft, helicopters and to agriculture resources centers for piston-powered aircraft within a reasonable surface access time .

The location of Suai Airport is located in Covalima District 202 km from Capital Dili or 15 Km from Suai Town. It lies in East Timor and its geographical coordinates are 9° l8' I4.3" South, l25° l7' l2.7" East. It is abandoned airport with runway of 1024 m long and 30 m wide, and is paved with a bittuninous mixture-wearing course. There is a taxiway with 54x8 m and a platform for aerodrome planes parking, with l60x48 m. The existing runway has no fence, which places serious safety issues concerning the aeroplanes maneuvering, nor any facilities and equipments.
The project identified by the government, in this case the Secretary State for Natural Resources thru Dalan Consultant. Dalan Consultant has prepared the Concept Design for the airport and it need to rehabilitate to allow the safe operation of light aero planes and helicopters during the construction phase of Suai’s new infrastructure, namely while new airport planned at the north supply base is not constructed. The project should have been implemented last year but failed to find a qualified company to do the design and determine qualified Construction company to do Construction work. If the project is not realized this year the impact will be on the south coast development project that composed of Town planning, highway road development and the more important is to facilitate infrastructure development for natural resources development in southern Coast.
The primary beneficiary will be the companies work on the project and Secretary State for Natural Resources (SERN) Secondary beneficiary will be companies who work on oil and gas platform and govemment staffs of SERN and Communities living in south coast area. Generally, the people to be employed in relation to natural resources, air transport and companies for project implementation. 150 people will be employed in relation to project activities.
The project will contribute to social and economic development by facilitating air transport movement from oil platform site to Suai and visa versa, supporting the development of south coast infrastructure, decreasing unemployment rate and mitigating poverty by accelerate economy development ofthe country.
The detail design and façade for the Terminal Building will be developed based on Option 2 – Modern Approach with T-shape floor layout. 



1) Airport - 01 - Logo (.jpg) (11 KB)
2) Airport - 02 - Map Location (.jpg) (26 KB)
3) Airport - 03 - Modern approach (.jpg) (31 KB)
4) Airport - 03 - Planning (.jpg) (29 KB)
5) Airport - 04 - Bird eye view (.jpg) (27 KB)
6) Airport - 05 - Layout (.jpg) (29 KB)
7) Airport - 06 - Modern approach (.jpg) (35 KB)
8) Airport - 07 - Modern approach (.jpg) (34 KB)
9) Airport - 08 - Modern approach (.jpg) (38 KB)
10) Airport - 09 - Modern approach (.jpg) (46 KB)
11) Airport - 10 - Infocentre (.jpg) (24 KB)
12) Airport - 11 - Public concourse (.jpg) (31 KB)
13) Airport - 12 - Control tower (.jpg) (25 KB)
14) Airport - 13 - Meteorological station (.jpg) (37 KB)
15) Airport - 14 - Exterior view (.jpg) (22 KB)
16) Airport - 15 - Suai Airport View 1 (.jpg) (457 KB)
17) Airport - 16 - Suai Airport View 2 (.jpg) (454 KB)

Future Suai Airport
Future Suai Airport

Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 16 16%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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