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Target Information

Goal: Reform of security sector
Objective: Institutional insfrastructure

Target: G080101 - Hera Barracks


Deadline: 31-12-2013

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 87.25 Percentage



Hera Barracks

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Ministério da Defesa Seguransa , FALINTIL- Forcas de Defesa TL

Location: Dili , Cristo Rei , Hera

Sector: Institutional Framework , Security

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

Project for barracks of the Naval Component of Hera, was identified based on the Force 2020 Plan that is implemented to contribute to the development of the Armed Forces and this important project in 2011. Because based on existing design is expected to be completed in 2012.

Firstly to F-FDTL and secondly to Timor-Leste people
It is estimated that will be able to involve some 50 East Timorese workers.
This is a strategic development for the investment in the armed forces for the future.
The project when implemented, will involve East Timorese workers recruited among local population
Yes, because the armed forces are responsible for external security, according to the Constitution of RDTL. Development is a national priority  every year.



1) Rear view of the building (.png) (49 KB)
2) Scaffolding work on ground floor (.png) (63 KB)
3) Front view of the building (.png) (51 KB)
4) Entrance hall view (.png) (48 KB)
5) Crane lifting material at front of building (.png) (54 KB)
6) View of 2nd floor space (.png) (46 KB)
7) Workmen rendering rear wall of building (.png) (43 KB)
8) Hera Barracks. washbasins (.jpg) (26 KB)
9) Hera Barracks electric Panel (.jpg) (19 KB)
10) Hera Barracks inside view 1 (.jpg) (21 KB)
11) Hera Barracks progress picture (.jpg) (25 KB)
12) Hera Barracks front view (.jpg) (24 KB)
13) Hera Barracks toilets (.jpg) (29 KB)
14) Hera Barracks inside view 2 (.jpg) (20 KB)
15) Hera Barracks - masons working on external wall (.jpg) (30 KB)

Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 87 87%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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