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Target Information

Goal: Information technology
Objective: Performance management

Target: G070101 - IFMIS (FreeBalance and Others)


Deadline: 31-12-2013

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 63.00 Percentage



Intergrated Financial Management Information Systems (FreeBalance and Others)

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Ministry of Finance , DG State Finance

Location: National Region , National Region , National Region

Sector: Institutional Framework , Public Sector Management

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

In order to strengthen Public Financial Management the Government of Timor Leste has been placing greater emphasis on improving financial management systems.  

FreeBalance, our main systems provider, has been providing Financial Management Infomation Support to the Government of Timor-Leste since 2000, when they implemented a system which covered budget control, general ledger, purchasing and payments functions.
In 2010 the Ministry of Finance decided to significantly enhance the Financial Management Information System. The modules/upgrades will enable the Government to significantly enhance the current FMIS (Financial Management Information System). This included revamping the hardware connectivity between Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Infrastructure and other line ministries. Freebalance was contracted to do this hardware part also to ensure end-to-end connectivity solution.
A total of 24 Organs of State were identified at the start of the project where hardware connectivity was to be revamped/ provided as follows:
Fibre-Optic connection:
• National Parliament
• Prime Minister and Presidency of the council of Ministers
• Secretariat of State for Natural Resources
• Secretariat of State for Energy and Policy
• Secretariat of State for Vocational Training and Employment
• Ministry of Defense and Security
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office
• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Justice
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Economy and Development
• Ministry of Infrastructure
• Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry
• Tribunals
• Prosecutor-General of the Republic
• Ombudsman for Human Rights
• Radio, Television of Timor-Leste
• Public Service Commission
Wi-Max connection:
• President of the Republic
• Secretariat of State of the Council of Ministers
• Secretariat of State for Youth and Sport
• Secretariat of State for the Promotion of Equality
• Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Organization
The primary benefactor of the improved IFMIS systems will be the Govemment of Timor-Leste but secondary beneficiaries of the improved accountability and transparency and accountability and resulting gains in financial management, efficiency and equity will be the nation’s citizens, and business and economic sectors. Increased govemment efficiency will result in better social and economic programs and the need for lower taxes.

The network connectivity and hardware set up will serve as the basis for building and extending the network, including in the future to the districts.


Software developments include the following modules and portals: 

  • Transparency Portal
  • Budget Transparency Portal
  • eProcurement Portal
  • Contract management module (v7 web-based)
  • Procurement  module (v7 web-based)
  • Assets Management module (v7 web-based)
  • Civil Service Management/Payroll (v7 web-based)
  • Document management system (v7 web-based)
  • Manager’s  dashboard
  • Data Mart and OLAP (On-line analytical processing) tools


The Budget Transparency Portal is a public website where citizens, donors, NGOs and the press can analyze and interrogate RDTL budget execution information from the FMIS in an interactive manner. It presents budget information in terms of: amount appropriated by Parliament, virements, funds that are Committed, Obligated and Actuals. 


The eProcurement Portal allows citizens, donors, NGOs and the press to analyze and search information related to goods, services or works that RDTL is procuring.  All tenders by Line Ministries will be posted at a single site, for potential bidders to be able to download tenders from the site, for award to be published there, and for all citizens to be able to follow all required procedures. 


The Contract management module enables the government to keep track of its contracts execution, tasks, documents, payment and closure. It ensures that vendor performance meets contractual requirements. Tasks, payments, milestones, inspection reports, and approvals will be adapted through the workflow process built into the system. Workflow offers alerting messages functionality as reminders specific tasks have yet to be performed.  


Other software being implemented include the Managers Dashboard, Document Management System, and the Analytics (OLAP), which are Business Intelligence tools to support the decision making process. 


The systems component covers support of key initiatives currently underway, including the decentralization and support of the Government Performance Budgeting system, Procurement Module, Government Fixed Assets, Payroll and Customized Management Reporting.


This project will contribute with greater government efficiency, accountability and transparency, that will translate into social programs being more responsive to poverty reduction and other social needs.


Work plan for 2012 includes:
  • Decentralisation training for Line Ministries - Procurement Module
  • eProcurement portal made fully operational with roll out of procurement module to line ministries
  • Decentralisation training for Line Ministries - Contract Management Module
  • Configuration, data collection and training on Results Portal
  • Upgrading, testing and training for Financial Accountability module to version 7
  • Training of trainers (ToT) and system administrators of new and recently implemented modules
  • Licenses and support for use of Country Systems in ministries by donors
  • Design and development of interface with PMIS software of CFP
  • Design and development of interface with Aid Management Platform
  • Transparency portal link to the new Aid Effectiveness Management Platform (AMP)
  • Use of Performance Budgeting Module for final printing of 2013 budget books and rectification budget (if any)
  • Assets Module roll out to line ministries and provide  training to asset office staff and line ministries
  • Budget Transparency portal made fully operational on completion of stable operations of datamart


1) Fixed Assets (.png) (23 KB)
2) Procurement Management (.png) (32 KB)
3) Payroll (.png) (25 KB)
4) Financial (.png) (21 KB)
5) State Budget 01 (.png) (30 KB)
6) State Budget 02 (.png) (39 KB)
7) Management Dashboard 01 (.png) (54 KB)
8) Management Dashboard 02 (.png) (55 KB)
9) Management Dashboard 03 (.png) (134 KB)
10) Management Dashboard 04 (.png) (53 KB)
11) Transparency (.png) (27 KB)
12) Eprocurement Portal (.png) (26 KB)
13) FMIS - Freebalance Training 01 (.png) (31 KB)
14) FMIS - Freebalance Training 02 (.png) (31 KB)

Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 63 63%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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