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Target Information

Goal: Sports and social inclusion
Objective: Sports infrastructure

Target: G050101 - National Stadium


Deadline: 31-01-2012

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 100.00 Percentage



Design, construction and supervision National Stadium

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Sec Est Juventude e Desporto , Sec State Youth and Sports

Location: Dili , All Subdistricts , All Villages

Sector: Social Capital , Social Inclusion

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

For the purpose of having sport facilities (stadium) with: Compliance with international standards and also to facilitate development of youth talent in sports, thus they will be able to compete in the future, and to facilitate national, regional and international competion, and on the other hand the state can get any income and reducing unemployment.

This stadium project was identified by Sports Organization under Sec of State for Youth and Sports’ umbrella, Community liders, and consultants through broad assesment process, consultation and study. The implementation of this stadium construction project will show in the future a significant development of sport throughout the nation namely:
• develop the talents of young people, boys and girls, in sport as well as the prospect of our future  and qualified for sports that are able to compete in regional and international events
• facilitate regional and international sporting events
• facilitate national sporting events and games of friendship both domestically in order to reduce conflicts and create stability in the country to promote a positive image in the face of other Nations.
• contribute to the development and formation of citizen character, mainly young boys and girls, in democratic culture, discipline, solidarity, tolerance and healthy to strengthen the State and the nation
• create labor camp for East Timorese nationals (employment) and income for the nation
This project must be carried out this year (the year determined) because:
• Currently Timor-Leste does not have a National Stadium with international standards .
• According to the national plan for youth development and sports of 2010-2030 i.e. starting in 2011 to 2015 there should exist in the country basic infrastructures.
• in 2017, East Timor should host the organisation of Asia Cup (football)
• to facilitate Timor Sea Cup games
On the other hand if this project is not completed in the given year, opinions may may appear from the public as the following: The Government through the Secretariat of State for youth and sports shows  interested in the development of sports activities in East Timor, and a nation that does not have a National Stadium with international standards to facilitate sports activities at national, regional and international levels, and the Government does not have good policy to create work for the unemployement. On the other hand, the number of conflicts can increase which may affect the income of the State.

The main beneficiary of this project are the East Timorese sports athletes (sports organisations) and the State (economic benefits through income or taxes)

Project Secondary Beneficiary  will be the youth in general, the business community as the "tiga roda" and sporting goods dealers and other dealers.

With the construction of this project will have a positive impact on poverty reduction and support the dignity of the dear nation Timor-Leste and Timorese and creates friendship among the guests
from foreing countries. And on the other hand will strengthen the country


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Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
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Financial Progress

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