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Target Information

Goal: Public Sector Management
Objective: Public buildings

Target: G040101 - National Headquarters of CNE


Deadline: 31-12-2013

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 37.00 Percentage



Construction of National Headquarters of CNE

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Elections National Commission , Elections National Commission

Location: National Region , National Region , National Region

Sector: Institutional Framework , Public Sector Management

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

The construction of a National Headquarters of CNE is aimed at creating the infrastructure conditions for the National Commission of Elections to perform its constitutional mandate which is to supervise all the electoral acts in Timor Leste. CNE has defined as its strategic vision to contribute for an independent, peaceful and politically stable Tiimor—Leste anchored on the principle of popular sovereignty exercised through periodic free, fair and credible elcction. This vision falls under the National priority on enhancing Democratic Governance.

The current National Elections Commission was established in 2007 just before the last national elections. ln 2004—2006 period there was an Electoral Commission which was established to supervise the first Suco elections and was disbanded once the elections were concluded. Since then it has functioned from a building lend by the Govemment in Caicoli. Following thc 2007. CNE developed a strategic plan which includes long term institutional development. The Plan provides for the recruitment of the appropriate number of personnel to staff the General
Secretariat as well as the construction of a National headquarters in Dili. The New Building is supposed to have the requisite office, meeting and referencing space for the Commission. lt is projected to have enough office space for the Commissioners and the staff of the Secretariat. It will also have meeting facilities to ensure that the CNE is able to accommodate the several electoral stakeholders which may require regular meetings and consultations with the commission, It will also have a sizeable conference room to serve as the National Result Centre at which it can
accommodate party agents. observers and media during the result tabulation process. ln 2009 the Government identilied the site where the oflice building is to be built and ceded to CNE. For 2011 the objective of the construction of a new office building is to enhance the institutional Capacity of CNE to supervise thc 2012 national elections.
The scope of work will be comprises but not limited to the following:
1. Design
Following the identification of the land, CNE launched a tender for thc design and supervision of the project. A reputed company. Vox Da Vinci was awarded the contract to conduct the necessary studies and develop the structure. Mechanical and electrical design ofthe building. ln 2010 the company submitted a Iinal report of the structure design analysis. mechanical and electrical. The basic concept of the architectural design is based on the principle and philosophy which is essential the combination of the tradition of Timor and the modem idea of transparency as well as the future development of the institution as democracy is entrenched in society.
2. Supervision of Construction
Vox Da Vinci which designed the building is also expected to supervise the constrruction of the building and the technical specifications defined in the structure design analysis, mechanical and electrical report.
3. Construction
With the design ready a tender for the construction was also launched. The scope of the construction work include but not limited to deconstruction, enabling work and site clearance. basement and foundation excavation and construction of basement. superstructure works, facade and mechanical and electrical fittings and external works and landscaping. lhe New building is a long term institutional development of CNE and will serve many national, local and suco elections to come.



Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 37 37%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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