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Target Information

Goal: Tasi Mane petroleum project
Objective: First section Suai-Betano road

Target: G020201 - Suai to Beaço Highway


Deadline: 31-12-2013

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 10.00 Percentage



Construction and detailed supervision of Road and Bridges (Suai to Beaco Highway)

Public to private sector: Public to private sector

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Sec Est Recursos Minerais , Sec State Natural Resources

Location: National Region , National Region , National Region

Sector: Economic Development , Petroleum

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

The objectives of the consulting services are to provide preliminary/detailed design and EIA/ERD including social—economic studies of multi infrastructure ofthe defined highway roads, at the proposed sites and suitable approach works and road connectors to the highways and port, airport and other petroleum industry facilities also finally it will include components for construction and supervision.

This project is aimed to benefit the whole population of Timor Leste specially communities in southern coast, increase job opportunities for communities surronding Road are.
Design objectives
1.The Government ot`Timor-Leste wishes to engage consultants to carry out the Preliminary/Detailed design and Environmental Impact Assessment for Petroleum Infrastructure Development in Southern Parts of Timor Leste especially for coastal areas from Suai Loro passing through Zumalai. Betano area and up to Beaco in Viqueque
2. A topographical survey will he required for proposed Express way sites. including geological, geotechnical, hydrological surveys to determine potential hazards and stability of the structure and capacity of the waterway.
3. An lnitial Environmental Examination. (IEE) in accordance with laws and regulations in Timor Leste also will be required. ln the absence of such regulations the IEE will follow the assessment guidelines in the ADS`s Environmental Assessment Guidelines (2003). Provided there are no major impacts which would warrant a full  Environmental Impact Assessment. a draft Environmental Management Plan (EMP) should be prepared for
monitoring the impacts and mitigation measures during and after completion of construction also provide Environment Reference tor Highway Design (ERD)
Construction and Supervision
As such 2012, the Govemment can commence the construction and this can be done through testing the market through Public and Private Partnership (PPP) program.



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Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 10 10%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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