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Target Information

Goal: Rural urbanization
Objective: MDG Suco Program

Target: G030201 - MDG Community Housing


Deadline: 31-12-2013

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 11.40 Percentage



MDG Social/ Community Housing (5 houses per aldeia, total 11.145)

Equitable growth: Equitable growth

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Min Social Solidarity , Sec State Social Security

Location: National Region , National Region , National Region

Sector: Economic Development , Rural Development

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

The $65 million Millennium Development Goals Suco Program will build capacity across sectors and encourage community participation in national development. The program commenced in 2011 and will operate at least until 2015. This program will increase awareness of the Millennium Development Goals at the village level and promote community participation and collaboration to achieve the targets.

A key component of the Millennium Development Goals Suco Program will be the building of houses for vulnerable people. Under the program, five houses will be built in each of the 2,228 aldeias every year, resulting in more than 55,000 houses being built by 2015. The housing will include solar energy, water and sanitation. Local communities will be able to work together and help their most vulnerable neighbours by ensuring they have adequate housing.
The primary beneficiaries of this target will be vulnerable groups. “We want decent housing with power and sanitation to improve the livelihoods and the dignity of our people.” Housewife and mother, Atabae sub-district, Maliana district, National Consultation, 28 July 2010.




Community Housing
Community Housing

Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 11 11%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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