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Target Information

Goal: Electricity access
Objective: International standards

Target: G060101 - Medium Voltage lines repair


Deadline: 31-12-2013

Target: 100.00 Percentage

Actual: 64.00 Percentage



Rehabilitation of Medium Voltage distribution lines

Public to private sector: Public to private sector

Fund: Infrastructure Fund

Institution: Ministry Infrastructure , Sec Est Eletrici,Agua,Urbaniza

Location: National Region , National Region , National Region

Sector: Infrastructure Development , Electricity

Age: All ages

Gender: Males and Females

The aim of this project is to provide reliable electricity generation.

The project was refocused in 2010 to better support the objective of having a reliable energy supply to support SDP.
Electricity supply is a necessary prerequisite to the development of all economic and social sectors.



Physical vs Financial Progress

Physical Progress
Base Line 0 0%
Actual 64 64%
Target 100 100%

Financial Progress

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